MS Diary

MS Diary

An iPhone app to record and report symptoms easily

iPhone App for Multiple Sclerosis Patients and Caregivers

MS Diary Features

  • Record symptoms easily using simple menu selection.
  • Keep track of when the symptom occured, where the symptom occured and how severe it was.
  • Graphical representation of how your symptoms are changing over time.
  • Carasol Animation to visually see how your symptoms have changed over time.

Why should I get this app?

  • Paper notes can be difficult to maintain.
  • The app organizes and sorts your recorded symptoms automatically.
  • Patients and/or Caregivers can use this application.
  • Improve communication with your doctor.
  • Easy to use and Affordable.
  • Get a visual of how your symptoms are changing over time.

$4.99 Photos Available on the iPhone App Store DOWNLOAD NOW